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Cari Westbrook


Trading Faces | Github

Trading Faces

Trading Faces is a game of silly selfies. Users challenge a friend to recreate a silly face; once both users have recreated a silly face, the faces are analyzed for similarities. The best mimic wins!

This app is fully decoupled, including decoupled oauth through Facebook. The game emphasizes a single-page experience and a carefully crafted game flow which hides game logic to emphasize a positive user experience.

PhotoBoks | Github

Photo Boks

PhotoBoks sorts a user's Instagram content into personalized photo albums based on hashtags. This allows users to sort their photos without losing their photos in the noise of a popular Instagram hashtag.

This app uses Sinatra, JavaScript, and jQuery to create an easy user experience with an emphasis on using restful routes; implemented single-page aspects to improve user experience

About Me

Cari Westbrook at the Golden Gate Bridge

I am a "doer" — when I see a problem, I strive to find a solution as quickly and as effectively as possible. I approach every job with a critical eye, and I am commited to contributing to a better product from day one. I am excited to join the field of web development, where I plan to learn, teach, and raise the bar.

I recently graduated from Dev Bootcamp, which is a short and intensive program that taught me the basic skills of web development. I learned languages such as Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and jQuery. However, I also picked up a greater skill: the ability to quickly and efficiently learn a new language in an incredibly short period of time.

Before Dev Bootcamp, I worked as an Adventure Consultant at O.A.R.S., which is the largest whitewater rafting company in the world. My primary goal was to ensure that guests who had signed up for an adventure trip were equipped with all the information they needed to enjoy their vacation. When I wasn't managing the trips in California and Oregon, I worked to improve the user experience for our online forms and debug our reservations tool. This was the beginning of my interest in coding — and you can see where it took me!

In my free time, I teach weekly Swing Dance and Argentine Tango lessons in my community. I travel nationally for Lindy Hop as a volunteer and staff member for respected dance events such as Lindy Focus and the International Lindy Hop Championships. I also help organize the local event Fog City Stomp.